The Border Corps Division (BCD), also often called Space Marines behind their backs, is a methodology of the Void Engineers that patrols the Gauntlet to make sure no unauthorized entities threaten Earth.

They specialize on the mastery of Forces.


The Border Corps Division originates in the paid soldiers that used to accompany the Celestial Masters and Void Seekers. In time, these groups began to organize and formed guilds of their own that followed strict military hierarchies and who decided which group would follow which technomancer. During the Great Housecleaning, these disparate groups were incorporated into the fused Void Engineers.

BCD was hit hard when the Dimensional Anomaly occurred (what Reality Deviants called the "Avatar Storm") and several of their off-world stations fell. Nephandi, Ka Luon and similar aliens, Marauders, spirits, and now Threat Null continue to threaten Earth and the Border Corps Division has the duty to maintain the small cordon that separates the hostile Void from earth and the Masses.


Before the Dimensional Anomaly, others in the Convention tended to look down upon BCD as cannon fodder and grunts. In the rest of the Union, the "Space Marines" were always thought of as heroes, shining examples that Operatives and others in the frontlines of the Ascension War tried to emulate. The Syndicate appreciates that BCD appears to present immediate results and thus maintains stable funding to them.

Once, BCD's main duty was accompaining voidships through the Gauntlet to its destined locations, defend technocratic bases on the Horizons and pacify obstreperous aliens that got too close to the Horizon. Nowadays, BCD mainly controls who leaves the Gauntlet and makes the way through the Anomaly to reach the few bases that are still intact.

BCD always recruited large numbers of un-Awakened personnel. Always more of a military force, BCD voidships have incorporated numerous scientists into their crews to directly observe the strangeness that now populates the Void.


  • Near Orbit Picket: This group is founded to contain the shards of the Dimensional Anomaly and hinder them from penetrating the Gauntlet.
  • Biospheric Space Garrison: This force defends the few remaining Progenitor Constructs in Biospheric Space and tries to hinder its denizens from crossing into the material world.
  • Mirror World Patrol: Mirror World Patrol keeps Zones secure, hindering the monsters to enter Earth through them.
  • Combat Space Patrol: The patrol protects the Copernicus Research Center from the Anomaly and other extraterrestrial threats.
  • Delta Teams: Elite squads of Marines that are given leeway to neutralize threats to earth as they please. Only four teams exist, with the fifth having recently vanished.


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