For as long as there have been threats to the wilderness and to native ways of life, there have been the Boraro. Guardians of nature, they are fierce warriors, defenders of their people and of the places they call home.


Long ago, humankind lived in harmony with nature, taking only what they needed to survive. Yet as the world grew smaller, mortals’ appetite grew until it engulfed the world. Modern people do not live easily alongside the wilds of the world when consumption outpaces production and the places most often engaged in production are the ones least likely to benefit from it. The wild areas, strongest in Glamour and home to a host of creatures both mundane and chimerical, are constantly under threat by encroaching civilization.

The rise of colonization brought a renewed threat to their home. In response, a second wave of the fierce boraro sprung forth from the desperate nightmares of those suffering under the yoke of oppression. Native to Colombia and the jungles within the Kingdom of Amazonia, they long ago migrated across Bellatierra. These days, they can be found in any place in the world where nature is in danger of being snuffed out by industry. Old industrial cities, fallen into decay as factories shutter and jobs move elsewhere, soon find themselves host to a wave of boraro hell-bent on hastening the end along for these crumbling behemoths. Anywhere they can get a toehold and help nature overcome the march of man, they take hold like determined weeds struggling up through cracks in the pavement.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Dour and plain looking, boraro have the kind of face that would be easily overlooked in a crowd if not for a vague feeling of unease that passes over any person, mortal or changeling, that meets them. It’s never obvious in their physical appearance, but there is something always… off about them, an unsettling feeling never quite shaken. Workworn hands, dirt ground into the creases and nail beds no matter how much they scrub, these are people of the earth and their appearance reflects it. Their large pricked ears, fangs, and grotesque twisted visages are the reality of the boraro, and something that can never quite be hidden from mortals. People are more perceptive than even they would be willing to admit and always find the boraro off-putting, even in human guise.

Boraro enjoy Revelry by spending time in nature, whether it’s pristine wilderness or reclaimed spaces in more urban environments. They have also been known to experience it while tearing down particularly egregious or offensive elements of civilization. A boraro’s primal use of Glamour is accompanied by the howls of predatory animals and the sudden feeling of being stalked by some dread creature just out of sight. Shadows lengthen, nature turns feral and menacing, while technology and civilization seem pointless and hollow.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Deep Roots: Even in the biggest cities, there will always be pockets of life and greenery. These locations provide magical touchstones for any boraro to draw from, and they instinctively know how to find them. Boraro may spend 1 Glamour to subtract -1 from all difficulties for the rest of the scene, so long as they are standing on natural soil. From the first dream that breathed them into being, boraro have been soldiers, fighting against the march of progress in an ever-shrinking world.
  • Warrior Heart: Nature’s strong right arms to the end, never has a boraro balked from battle. Even the youngest boraro is tempered from their trials and tribulations. Boraro are immune to surprise in combat, and add 1 success to all damage and soak rolls while in a natural environment or when they have real soil under their feet.


  • Creeping Menace: Although their terrifying aura can occasionally make their lives difficult, it helps to protect their homes and reclaimed pockets of land by ensuring that few, if any, stay overlong. They can spend 1 Willpower to suppress it for a single roll, but not even the boraro can control themselves for long. Boraro suffer a +2 difficulty to all Charisma-based rolls except those using Intimidation, or those that involve family members or long-time friends and allies.


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