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The Book of the Wyrm Second Edition is a supplement book for Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition, and like its predecessor it deals with the Wyrm and its many servants.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Rot at the Core of the World
Atrocity is its wine. It feasts on disease. It fattens itself on the corruption in the hearts of human and werewolf alike. It is as old as the stars, vaster than suns, blacker than the voids of space. It is the corruption that gnaws at the World Tree's roots, the hatred that threatens to devour Gaia. It is the Wyrm.
The Army of the Apocalypse
You can't run a Werewolf game without involving the Wyrm's servants somehow, whether the hopeless, damned fomori that act as its catspaws or the corrupt mortals who unwillingly do its works. But how do you do that properly, making sure that the Garou's enemies are properly handled and maintained? Why, with Book of the Wyrm, Second Edition, of course. This sourcebook contains everything you need to put some meat on your antagonists' bones, to tell stories that will excite and frighten your players. If danger is your storytelling tool of choice, this is your workshop.


Legends of the Garou: Ill WindEdit

A short story about Zhyzhak and her packmates.

Introduction: Shifting ScalesEdit

An overview over the book and how to use it.

Chapter One: CosmologyEdit

This chapter deals with the Wyrm itself and its associated realm Malfeas- from the beginning up to his corruption and current state

Chapter Two: Human PawnsEdit

This chapter deals with the various human organizations that serve the Wyrm, most prominently Pentex, but also cults like the Seventh Generation.

Chapter Three: In Nomine VermiisEdit

This chapter acts like a tribebook of sorts for the Black Spiral Dancers.

Chapter Four: The WretchedEdit

This chapter deals with various other creatures that serve the Wyrm.

Appendix: Dirty TricksEdit

This chapter contains various fetishes and other artifacts that are used by the servants of the Wyrm.

Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit



Creatures of the Wyrm

Terminology Edit

Bane Lantern, Dark Litany, Defiler Wyrm, Mockery Breeds, Skull Pig, Sunburst Computers, War Wolves

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