Book of the Weaver is the sourcebook about the Weaver and its servants for Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition. The book features new details surrounding the Weaver's many servants, and introduces Drones: the Weaver's counterparts to the fomori.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Grandmother Spider's Insanity
She was born to make order of chaos, to weave patterns where there were none. She was entrusted with the duty of keeping the Names of things, and charged to keep the world whole. But she went mad. She caught the Wyrm in her web, and in her madness. Now Progress is blind, and Science is mad. The Garou must sever her strands before she chokes the life from Gaia – but will they even know how to fight her?
No Thread Shall Escape!
Her power is greater than that of the Wyld or even the Wyrm. Her touch is on the heart of every human ever born. She is everywhere. And now her secrets are laid bare in Book of the Weaver. Court her favor and use her gifts of technology and order against the Wyrm. Learn to slip between her webs and keep the wild places free. Or, if you dare, take up arms against her and her countless servants. But don't try to ignore her – or you'll wind up caught like the Wyrm itself.
Book of the Weaver includes:


Legends of the Garou: The Strand-Rider's TaleEdit

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Book of the Weaver is the second of the sourcebook series about the Triat. It was preceded by Book of the Wyrm Second Edition and followed by Book of the Wyld.

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