M20 Book of the Fallen is a Sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

Are you predator or prey?
For the Nephandi, that’s a simple question: They embody the Abyss, and you are their next meal. You probably won’t see them coming, but they noticed you a long time ago. Now they move in — so sweet, seductive, and friendly, offering whatever it takes to make you love them, trust them, and forget who and what they truly are.
Until the moment when you can’t ignore what you see. By that time, it’s probably too late.
Eaters of the Weak
So easily dismissed as wicked caricatures, the Fallen Ones move among the shadows of our world. Their influence expands with every crime, every falsehood, each time hatred and despair grind hope into the ground.
In the war for reality, they’re winning.
This exploration of the Fallen, their Arts, and the ways in which they prey upon us includes:
  • Cults and Characters
  • A glance at real-life evils right next door
  • Metaplot Options and Roleplay on the Edge
  • New sects that dominate the new millennium
  • The Qlippoth and its influence upon the Fallen
  • Infernal Investments, malignant paradigms, Nephandic Arts, dark heresies, and more.

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Chapter Four: Dark Tree of KnowledgeEdit

Chapter Five: And All the Powers of HellEdit

Chapter Six: Your Friends and NeighborsEdit

Chapter Seven: Theatre of CrueltyEdit

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