Book of the City is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It provides resources specifically for chronicles that bring packs to urban settings.

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The Urban Jungle

The cities of the World of Darkness are a dangerous place to be. Rampant crime and widespread corruption are only the tip of the iceberg - the cities are also the homes of the vampires, and breeding grounds for the spirits of the Wyrm and Weaver. But there's also life in the cities, and where there's life, there's hope. The modern-day city is an urban battleground - and a hunting ground. And the werewolves are on the hunt. Rage in the Streets

In Werewolf, cities aren't what they seem. Book of the City takes a long look at the perils of city life in the World of Darkness. From the dangers of the urban spiritscape to the unexpected totem allies, from the supernatural threats of vampires and Pentex to the minor problems such as law enforcement and Animal Control, this sourcebook is every Werewolf player's guide to how to survive taking the fight downtown. Book of the City contains:

  • A detailed look at the hidden spirit nature of cities
  • New urban threats for use in any chronicle
  • new gifts, rites, totems and fetishes to help survive the urban war

Legends of the Garou: Just Another Good Stop Edit

Introduction: City Limits Edit

Chapter One: Writing on the Wall (Cosmology) Edit

Chapter Two: The Grind (Hazards) Edit

Chapter Three: The Neon Web (The Urban Umbra) Edit

Chapter Four: Urban Legends (Storytelling) Edit

Appendix: Riot Gear Edit

Gifts, rites, totems and fetishes

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