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The Book of Storyteller Secrets is a supplement for Vampire: The Dark Ages that fills in information for Storytellers that was left out of the Vampire: The Dark Ages Rulebook.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Explore the weird and wonderous nights of Dark Medieval Europe. Wander the lonely nocturnal roads in service to vampire princes – or become one yourself. Track a unicorn for its blood, or delve into the intrigues of the Italian merchant cities. Battle Assamite killers in the Holy Land, or aid the nascent Tremere as they struggle for survival against the ancient Fiends.
Vampire The Dark Ages Book of Storyteller Secrets Includes:
  • An atlas of Dark Medieval Europe, with notes on Cainite populations.
  • A full-color, fold-out map of Europe.
  • A plethora of mythic antagonists – including expanded rules for Gargoyles.


A brief summary and guide on how to use this book.

Chapter One: Geography and History

Full details of the major clans and Cainite in each part of Europe and the Middle East, from the British Isles and Iberia to the Byzantine Empire and Arabia, and brief notes on Africa.

Chapter Two: Life and Death in the Dark Ages

Tips and facts for running a realistic Dark Ages campaign, covering feudalism and fiefs, appropriate clothing, naming rules of the period, the experience of traveling, and the constant disease. Also included is a lexicon of medieval terms.

Chapter Three: Storytelling for the Dark Ages

What storytellers should expect and plan for during a Dark Ages campaign, including common conflicts, character goals, how to work with player characters, and styles of play and story.

Chapter Four: Friends, Enemies, and Miscellany

An in-depth look at ghouls, especially the Gargoyles and their traits and rituals, as will as a short list of fantastic creatures to add conflict to a campaign. There are also examples of herb usage, a short guide to alchemy, and famous artifacts, relics, and blades to be discovered.

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Basilisk, Black Stake, Blood Rose, Dragon (Bygone), Fae Cattle, Gargoyle (VTM), Ghoul (VTM), Giant Boar, Gryphon, Sphinx, Unicorn (Bygone), Vathi, Vozhd, Weyland's Wyrcan, White Hart, Zephyr

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