The Book of Nod is a collection of ancient texts, viewed as sacred toNoddist Kindred. It consists of multiple recensions and fragments that have been reassembled by various Kindred scholars, such as Aristotle de Laurent, Beckett, and Sascha Vykos. There have been attempts to compile these texts into one book, such as the Chapbook produced by an obscure Georgia publishing house. But traditionally, the primary transmission of Caine's story is oral, through Sabbat ritae or storytelling among the dead.


There are numerous questions concerning the history of the Book of Nod. It's author is unknown, though Malkav, Saulot, and even Caine are often cited to have written parts of it, if not the whole thing. However, it may have had many authors and editors over the thousands of years since the time of the events which it describes, placing great doubts on its veracity. Some consider the entire book to be myths or lies, a story vampires invented to explain their existence or a tool used to mislead others into thinking and acting a certain way. Adding to these doubts is the fact that many writings attributed to the Book of Nod are incredibly vague or contradictory, creating some very large (and often violent) schisms of interpretation between Noddist groups.

The Camarilla has a policy of denouncing Noddist lore and persecuting those who spread it. Any found pieces of the Book of Nod or similar texts are either destroyed or quietly stashed away to be studied by the sect's leaders. Nevertheless, the Book of Nod continues to be sought by many Kindred in the belief that it holds truths of vampiric nature and prophecies of the future.

The Chronicle of Caine

The Chronicle of Caine is not to be comparatively accurate with the standard biblical canon, namely Genesis. These texts are the history of Caine. They serve to give the personal viewpoint of the events that surrounded the days after the Fall of Man. In his own words, Caine relates what his motives were that led to his curse. Caine also speaks of his encounter with Lilith, whom he learns his Disciplines from. Then he relates his encounters with three angels, sent by God, given the chance to repent for his sin. However, Caine seals his fate to be cursed for eternity, as declared by a fourth angel.

The cursed Caine claims the city of Enoch, where he Embraces its king and takes over rulership. Sometime afterward, Caine encounters an apocryphal figure, the Crone, who forces him into a blood bond. He then discovers the lore of vampiric weaknesses, which he uses to stake and kill the Crone. It is explained that the City of Enoch was destroyed in the Great Deluge and that Caine disapeared into torpor.

After the Great Deluge, a new city was erected, the Second City. All of the thirteen clans have come together in this city, each given by name. In time, the Antediluvians rebelled against the Second Generation, slaying their sires. Caine subsequently curses each of the clans with a distinctive weakness. Thus the chronicle ends.

The Chronicle of Shadows

The sacred texts of the Shadows are a collection of commandments and proscriptions from Caine and other clan Founders. Other fragments, notably the contents of the Erciyes Fragments are sometimes considered part of the book as well.

The Chronicle of Secrets

The sacred texts of Secrets proclaim the prophecies of an event known as Gehenna. These events include the majority of figures which regularly appear in Cainite Eschatology: The Black Throne, the Last Daughter of Eve, the Dark Father and Dark Mother, and the Time of Thin Blood. It is due largely impart to the Secrets that the Camarilla seeks to squash the Book of Nod.

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