The Book of Freeholds is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition.


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They are the center of Kithain culture, the havens and shelters required when times get grim. They are dreams made manifest, and hopes kept burning. From the Mythic Ages to the present day, freeholds have been the linchpin around which the changeling world turns.

Fragile, powerful, mysterious and oft-dangerous, the complex natures of freeholds make for valuable commodities to all changelings, worth dying to protect or killing to acquire.


The Book of Freeholds opens the doors and invites you in to sit at the hearth for a deep dive into the foundations of changeling society. Learn the history of freeholds as they wind throughout Kithain history. Discover the lost Treasures that bind the fae and their homes together, soul-to-balefire. Study the dangers, the threats, understand the duties and responsibilities, and then gather your motley to claim your birthright.

The Book of Freeholds contains:

  • Two new freehold Archetypes
  • Four new Glade Archetypes
  • Full rules for the creation of freeholds and Glades
  • 11 fully developed freeholds and Glades
  • New chimera, Treasures and Oaths, and more



Dark Lights

Introductory fiction. The Low Rollers motley realize their freehold, Mirror Lights, harbors something dark.


Chapter One: A Brief Study of Freeholds

This chapter presents an abbreviated look at the history of freeholds, how their importance and forms evolved as one age of Faerie turned into the next, and how the sacred places of the Gallain differ from their Kithain cousins.

Chapter Two: Building Freeholds

The rules for creating freeholds, a breakdown of their Archetypes, and how troupes can work together to tailor-make a freehold that suits them all.

Chapter Three: The Art of Freehold Maintenance

An in-depth look at the ways a troupe can use their freehold, from how to divide the rights of a freeholder, to what common threats freeholds face, and finally how changelings claim, maintain, destroy, and pass on their Holdings.

Chapter Four: Living Dreams

Seven completely developed freeholds, ready for troupes to use in their chronicles, complete with stat blocks and story hooks.

Appendix: The Natural Order

Freeholds are built on the foundation of Glades, and this Appendix covers the protection and development of these places, as well as offers five fully developed Glades for troupes to use in their chronicles.




The Low Rollers: Mercy, Lance, Laisha, Delilah, Cayne


balefire, freehold, heartstone, Rights of Holding, Lost One, rath, ratification, Reaving, trod, wellspring

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