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Author: Monte Cook
Editing and Production: Sue Weinlein Cook
v.3.5 Updating Assistance Mike Johnstone
Cover Illustration: Brian LeBlanc
Interior Illustration Brian LeBlanc and J.D. Sparks
Art Director: Rich Thomas
Cover and Interior Page Design: Peter Whitley
Publisher: White Wolf
Imprint: Sword and Sorcery Studios / Malhavoc Press
Publication Date: December 3, 2001
Pages: 48
Product code: WW 16100
Reference Number: ISBN 1-58846-100-9
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: Digital: $6.00

The Book of Eldritch Might is a d20 magic sourcebook. It was the first book published for Malhavoc Press by White Wolf.


From the Back of the Book:

  • Eleven original feats including the new eldritch type, which grant specific magical abilities to enhance your spells in ways that metamagic feats can’t
  • Three new prestige classes: the embermage (the supreme fire mage), the graven one (who covers his entire body in magical tattoos), and the mirror master (specializing in unique mirror magic abilities and spells).
  • More than 60 new spells of all levels that you can add to any campaign.
  • A like number of magic items of all types, from weapons to wondrous items (and artifacts!). This section introduces the brand-new concepts of magic poisons and magic vehicles such as the wheeled war altar and the diving sphere.
  • Last but not least, The Book of Eldritch Might presents a new monster template, the magical construct, which allows any spellcaster to create golemlike guardians and servants based on existing monsters.



Introduction: Malhavoc SpeaksEdit

Chapter One: Feats Edit

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Chapter Four: Magic ItemsEdit

Chapter Five: Magical ConstructsEdit


Background Edit

This is technically the second edition of the Book of Eldritch Might. The first edition was a stapled pamphlet produced by Cook using Third Edition rules.

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