Authors: Aaron Anderson, Phil Brucato, James Estes, Looking Eagle, Deena McKinney, Wade Racine, Andrew Ragland, Derek Pearcy, Kathleen Ryan, Lucien Soulban
Additional Concepts: Kevin Andrew Murphy, Jim Comer
Developer: Phil Brucato
Editors: Veronica Randall, Ken Cliffe
Vice President in Charge of Production: Richard Thomas
Art Directors: Lawrence Snelly, Aileen E. Miles
Layout and Typesetting: Matt Milberger
Art: James Daly, Pia Guerra, Anthony Hightower, Mark Jackson, Robert McNeill, Shea Anton Pensa, Alex Sheikman, Ron Spencer
Map: Larry Friedman
Front Cover Art: Ash Arnett
Front & Back Cover Design: Matt Milberger
Special Thanks To:

Larry "Goob Spooge" Snelly, for spilling out the contents of his comical coconut. Strange days ahead...
Kathy "Veteran of the Psycho Ward" Ryan, for digging herself into Freelance Hell.
Ken "Kiltophile" Cliffe, for skirting the edges of decency.
Andrew "Cuddles" Bates, for going into Exile.
Rob "Gaijin" hatch, for booking the God King.
Ethan "Silent Strider" Skemp, for having the author sneak out the back door.
Rich "Harrowing" Danksy, for resolving a few Fetters.
Wes "Embraced" Harris, for coming through the shaft with his ass intact.
Mark "I Did This" Rein•Hagen, for telling it like it is. (Sort of)
Andrew "So Did I" Greenberg, for Obfuscating his way through the credits — again.
Trace "Con Girl" Oconnor, for returning to the scene of the crime. Welcome back, Trace!
Jane "Elmer Fudd I" Palmer, for killing the Wabbit.
Rebecca "Elmber Fudd II" Schaeffer, for passing Jane the keys to freedom.
Staley "Mega-Mommy" and Mike "Bad Seed" Krause, for siring a new wolf-child.
...and a special welcoming howl to little John McDonough and his proud (tired) parents Ann and Chris. Haaa-Woooo!

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1996
Pages: 144
Publication #: WW 04011
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-435-5
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Price: Print: $17.99
PDF: $9.99

Book of Crafts, also called The Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent, is a sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension about the magickal Crafts outside the Traditions and Technocracy.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Walking Secrets...
Once, I met a Chinese woman with hobbled feet and ancient eyes. Once, I fought a knight whose armor shone like burnished light. In the streets of Cairo, sharp-toothed men gnaw sinners' bones; in Haitian midnights, the Loa dance.
Not all magi go to war, my young friend. Many dwell in the Titans' shade, the shadows of shadows. These so-called "Orphans" have families, Son, and their ways may be more ancient than our own.
Don't piss 'em off.
— Hapsburg, Orphan Seer
...Ageless Ways...
Those who see only the four sides of the Ascension Conflict ignore the "Crafts," Magickal societies that forsake Traditions and Technocracy for the Paths of their ancestors. Templars, voodoo priests, alchemists and modern Amazons are just a few of the nine groups detailed herein. What tales might they tell?
...Precious Truths.
The Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent presents eight magickal societies from the borders of the Ascension War, and includes:
  • Histories, beliefs, organizations and magicks for each Craft.
  • Templates, rotes and companion consors.
  • Intrigues and mysteries most Traditions never see.



A story about how Amanda Jonsson, an apprentice of the archmage Senex, kills a House Helekar assassin in the shop of Doctor Scherer, one of the last true alchemists in modern times.


Chapter One: Bata'a: Spirit MusicEdit

Main article: Bata'a

Chapter Two: Children of Knowledge: An Ancient BrewEdit

Main article: Solificati

Chapter Three: Hem-Ka Sobk: Eaters of SinEdit

Main article: Hem-Ka Sobk

Chapter Four: Kopa Loei: Magick from the LandEdit

Main article: Kopa Loei

Chapter Five: Sisters of Hippolyta: Wind-bourne SeedsEdit

Main article: Sisters of Hippolyta

Chapter Six: Templars: Militia ChristiEdit

Main article: Knights of the Temple of Solomon

Chapter Seven: Wu-Keng: The Black WatchEdit

Main article: Wu-Keng

Chapter Eight: Wu Lung: The Dragon WizardsEdit

Main article: Wu Lung

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