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Book of Auspices is a sourcebook of Werewolf: the Apocalypse.


The book chapters detail each of the Garou auspices, from generalities of purpose to variations by tribe, even to adding new gifts and other rules appropriate to each moon-sign.

The Five Faces of Luna

The trickster; the shaman; the judge; the bard; the warrior. Each werewolf follows one of the five auspices, according to the blessings of the moon. A werewolf has a great obligation to follow the ways of the moon phase under which he was born - but it isn't in vain. If he is true to his moon, he can reap great rewards and bring glory to his people. If he shames his moon, the costs will be dire.

The Five Paths of the Wolf

Book of Auspices deals with the five auspices of the Garou in never-before-seen detail. Learn the hidden spiritual knowledge of the mystical Theurge, the rites and duties of the Philodox judge, the disciplines and tactics of the warrior Ahroun. Use new moon-granted powers to enhance your abilities, or delve deeply into the mindset of what it is to be born under an auspice. Walk one road or walk them all - each is its own path to glory.

Book of Auspices contains:

  • An in-depth look at each auspice role, from methodology to its role in Garou society
  • Advice on getting the most roleplaying mileage out of each auspice
  • New auspice-specific gifts, rites, fetishes, Merits and Flaws, including rate Level Six Gifts.





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