Bonyscrap is a totem, or Jamak, of the Fera.


A brooding scavenger bird, Bonyscrap lurks near the dying and the doomed, waiting to pick their corpses. He does not, it should be noted, always wait until the prey dies. Although honorable Bastet shun this Vulture-spirit, wise cats know he has valuable insights to share with those who tolerate his company. The Bubasti, in particular, listen to what Bonyscrap has to say.

Favors & Ban Edit

  • Background Cost: 1

Favors Edit

The vulture occasionally whispers clues and hints that foreshadow the future into a werecat’s ear. First, though, the Bastet character has to endure the spirit’s reeking breath, foul presence, and obnoxious comments. Bonyscrap usually taunts his “buddy” before giving up the goods, which consist of bits of information that the Storyteller wants to pass along to the player. Alternately, the spirit’s favor may simply add a die or two to Enigmas or Investigation rolls, although this option’s not nearly as much fun to roleplay.


Bonyscrap is an obnoxious cuss, and often insults finicky Bastet just for fun. He usually offers bites of a rotted roadkill or a partially-devoured meal, accompanied by a blast of avian halitosis. Any cat who can put up with this abuse is considered all right in Bonyscrap’s book.


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