The Bonn Silver Mines were a network of mines to the east of Prague, which supplied the city with silver during the time of the First Crusade. In 1194 CE, Ahzra the Unliving invaded the mines with her army of szlachta, forcing out the miners and disrupting the commerce of the city. Using the mines as a haven and a base, she sent her szlachta on nightly raids into Prague, sowing terror among the populace. The mines were eventually recovered when a wounded Crusader named Christof Romuald descended into the mines and slew Ahzra.[1]

When Christof traversed the upper corridors of the Bonn Silver Mines, he initially found signs of violence and was even exposed to a corpse that was not marked by any signs of violent struggle. Initially Christof observed that around the neck there were remnants of dried blood.

Besting many a foe and even encountering gigantic rats subservient to Ahzra, he eventually reached the lowest levels of the Bonn Silver Mines. There he was shocked and enraged by the presence of a demonic vestige reminiscent to a cathedral or another place of Christian worship. This mockery of a holy cathedral were in fact the dwellings of Ahzra the Unliving and from this place she commanded the szlachta to do her bidding. It was also here that she met her doom at the hands of Christof Romuald.

Having purged the Bonn Silver Mines, Christof received cheers and praise from the people of Prague, who fashioned Christof a hero.

This act also stirred the Kindred of Prague and they were eager to Embrace Christof. The Brujah embraced Christof and Christof became an invaluable, yet somewhat reluctant, asset to the Brujah.


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