Bone Gnawers tribebook is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse detailing the culture of the Bone Gnawers.


I roam the streets
lookin' for eats
I ain't no good
tough to beat when i'm in th' Hood
They says i'm a mutt
Kick me in the butt
says i got fleas
I say Snoop Doggie Dogg's got nothin' on me
We're outlawin'
and we're Gnawin'
Bone after bone'
we ain't gotta home
It's time to learn
time to turn
away from the trashas
make them burn
Burn the Wyrm
make it turn
back to its home
at least we got th' Bone
Bone Gnawers Tribebook includes
  • The history and culture of the tribe
  • A "Legends of the Garou" comic
  • Five ready-to-play character templates


Introduction: A Forward by ShakespeareEdit

Chapter One: Trails in the RustEdit

The history of the Bone Gnawers.

Chapter Two: Ways of the RatEdit

The culture of the Bone Gnawers.

Chapter Three: Gaia's ArmpitEdit

Bone Gnawers around the world.

Appendix One: PowersEdit

New Gifts, rites, fetishes and totems.

Appendix Two: Bone Gnawer TemplatesEdit

Five ready-to-play characters

Appendix Three: Lifestyles of the Poor and ForgottenEdit

Famous Bone Gnawers of the past and present.


Memorable QuotesEdit




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