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The Boli Zouhisze are a Chinese offshoot of Glass Walkers who split from the rest of the tribe thousands of years ago and now have a unique culture. They are not part of either the Garou Nation or the Beast Courts.[1]


The Boli Zouhisze split off from the Warders of Man (now known as the Glass Walkers) sometime before 2000 BCE, though they retained certain aspects of their parent tribe's culture, such as appreciation for human culture and veneration of the spirit Cockroach. The latter caused the native Fera of China to shun the Boli Zouhisze and exclude them from the Beast Courts, because insect imagery is heavily associated with the Wyrm among the Hengeyokai.

Unlike Western Garou, the Boli Zouhisze have a unified one-tribe creation myth. They believe that the world is made up of two forces, Yin and Yang, and that all living things are made of both. However, wolves were the most perfect representatives of the chaotic Yin force, while humans were paragons the the orderly Yang. The Boli Zouhisze believe that five humans arose who exemplified the five Aspects. The wolves admired these humans, and begged Luna for the ability to do as great things as them. Luna, obliging, turned them into the first werewolves.

The Boli Zouhisze were quick to adopt Confucianism, since the philosophy's focus on each individual knowing their role in society melded well with their lupine instincts. They also took well to Mahayana Buddhism, with the mother-figure Guanshiyin coming to be seen as an incarnation of Gaia and the Trikaya doctrine referring to the three forms of Buddha influenced their view of the Triat.[1]

Modern History

In 1813, the Boli Zouhisze allied themselves with the British East India Company after a long period of suffering at the hands of Wyrmish forces that had taken power during the rise of the Manchus in China. The Boli Zouhisze ended up smuggling opium for the company. Most of them moved to Hong Kong when it was offered to the British by the Chinese as a port in 1842.[1]

The Boli Zouhisze suffered further with the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese government. Beijing attacked the Triads, which many Boli Zouhisze were affiliated with, and their primary caern was destabilized by the death of its elder. The discovery of a dozen new cubs in 2002 was a mixed blessing, providing new blood but further overwhelming the struggling caern.[2]

Individual Boli Zouhisze

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