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The Bohagande are a Gangrel bloodline founded in the American Southwest circa 1848.


Oral tradition of the bloodline holds that Lucas Harwood, a Gangrel who enjoyed hunting among Native Americans, encountered an exiled Shoshone medicine man. The medicine man had been cursed with bad luck, but a powerful spirit called Crow had taught him to use the curse to impose bad luck on others for his own gain. Mistaking Harwood for Crow, the medicine man offered to pay the spirit back by sharing both his blood and the secret of his curse. This curse became the basis of the Bohagande's distinctive Discipline, Sunnikuse.

Modern Bohagande are solitary by necessity: the disasters that pile up around them force them to stay on the move, and congregating would be an unnecessary risk. The bloodline tends to attract daredevils and adrenaline junkies, but using Sunnikuse tends to draw the attention of the local authorities, who see the Jonahs as annoyances at best as threats to the Masquerade at worst.

Given their peripatetic nature, Bohagande keep few records and have little internal structure. A neonate or initiate is introduced to the spirit Crow, and receives a secret Shoshone name from their sire. There is also a near-legendary figure called the Storm Crow, a senior Bohagande who has bested every challenger in deadly games of chance. Who the Storm Crow is, or whether there even is such a figure, is unclear.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Gangrel clan

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