Bob Jackson was one of the founders of JDG Cryogenics, and one of the supervisors of the fiasco known as Project Flatline.

He formed the company with partner and fellow engineer Anne Del Greco in 1986 as a firm to care for the bodies of those who wanted to be cryonically frozen. He became the CEO of the company after an incident involving the improper care of a Saudi Arabian prince's body which made it decay to the point of no return; he and Del Greco were forced to sell most of the stock to raise the funds needed to pay off the family in the ensuing lawsuit.

Jackson was the Orpheus representitive directly supervising the experiments at Marion Federal Penitentiary; after the Flatliners escaped, the NSA had the Orpheus personnel burn down the prison wing. Jackson, while not directly involved in the deaths of the Flatliners, was seen as responsible by many as he was in control of the project at the time.

Jackson mysteriously died of a heart attack in 1996. A lifelong smoker, nothing unusual was shown at his autopsy, but many conspiracy theorists contend he was poisoned with nicotine to cover up his role in Project Flatline.

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