for other traditions of the first vampire within the World of Darkness, see Caine.

The Bloody Man is the first vampire according to Garou mythology. Although other legends exist among specific tribes, the following tale is the one found in the Silver Record itself.


The Silver Record claims that the Weaver was impatient for mankind to turn towards her. Unable to approach them openly, for the Garou guarded their families ferociously, she stole a man and wove her webs around him. The man's internal spark of the Wyld was snuffed and his spirit left his body. However, through the Weaver's work, he was unable to die and begged her to save him from the fate of decomposition - the Weaver obliged and soon found herself enthralled in her newest servant.

The Man, now immortal, became greedy and learned from the Weaver how to manipulate the strands of the Pattern Web for his own use. This intrusion angered the - still uncorrupted - Wyrm, who swallowed the Man to return him to the cycle of being. But the Man was still immortal and within the Wyrm's belly, he began to feed on the blood of the Great Devourer. The Wyrm, howling in pain, spat out the blood-soaked Man, whom all of creation abhorred.

Helios then cast his angry gaze upon him, and the Bloody Man was forced to flee beneath the earth. Gaia herself cursed him to hunger forever for blood, to enter age-lasting sleep without dreams and to be unable to conceive and only able to corrupt. Helios warned the Bloody Man that if he or his progeny would ever show his face to him again, he would burn them to cinders.

The Bloody Man entered a long-lasting sleep beneath the earth and awakened several centuries later. In the meantime, the Wyrm was weakened by the internal wounds the Bloody Man had inflicted upon it, later allowing the Weaver to trap it in its webs.


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