Blood and Salt is a sourcebook for Exalted First Edition focused on the southwestern portion of Creation.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
The Deadly Lintha Family
The Lintha are the South's most infamous bucaneers, a deadly gang of pirates so daring as to war with the pirate-lords of the Coral Archipelago to the north and to attack as far east as Chiaroscuro, all the while under the attention of three imperial fleets and countless local navies. All those who enter the Family are bound by terrible oaths - oaths so fearsome, it is said, that even the ghosts of the Lintha's dead comrades rise from the Underworld to protect the Family's floating stronghold of Bluehaven.
The Glorious Principalities of An-Teng
Blood and Salt details the Lintha Family's organization, history and dark practices, and the geography, culture and history of the lands of An-Teng, an ancient and decadent civilization that lies north of the Silent Crescent. The book also describes many of the gods and monsters of the Southwestern Ocean - providing everything needed to run games set in the exotic and romantic lands of the Southwest.



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