Blood Resonance is a system introduced in Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Basic MechanicsEdit

Blood Resonance can increase Disciplines. It is also important for Thin-Blood Alchemy recipes.

Resonance is categorized into five types: Animal, Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic, and Sanguine. Which resonance a mortal has is set by their emotional state.

The resonance can be well balanced, fleeting, intense, or acute.

  • Well-balanced resonance brings no closer advantages
  • Fleeting resonance brings no direct advantages but can be used for Thin-Blood Alchemy
  • Intense resonance increases a Discipline corresponding to the resonance type
  • Acute resonance has the same effect as intense but gives the drinker additional bonuses

All effects last until the vampire has her next drink or reaches Hunger 5


The resonance types are based on medieval humorism and the classical elements (Animal notwithstanding).


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