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Blood Resonance is a system introduced in Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Basic Mechanics

Blood Resonance can increase Disciplines. It is also important for Thin-Blood Alchemy recipes.

Resonance is categorized into five basic types, which is set by a target's emotional state. These types are associated with the medieval conception of Humorism, where four fluids were said to govern the human body, and an imbalance in the humors was responsible for illness.

Symbol Resonance Element Jungian Function Humor/Hormone Emotions Effect
Animal -- -- -- -- Animalism, Protean
BloodResonanceCholeric.png Choleric Fire Feeling "Yellow bile," adrenaline Angry, violent, bullying, passionate, envious Celerity, Potence
BH: Increases Melee damage
BloodResonanceMelancholic.png Melancholic Earth Thinking "Black bile," thyroid Sad, scared, intellectual, depressed, grounded Fortitude, Obfuscate
BH: Reduces cooldown of Clan power
BloodResonancePhlegmatic.png Phlegmatic Water Intuition "Phlegm," pituitary Lazy, apathetic, calm, controlling, sentimental Auspex, Dominate
BH: Reduces cooldown of Archetype power
BloodResonanceSanguine.png Sanguine Air Sensation "Blood," testosterone/estrogen Lazy, apathetic, calm, controlling, sentimental Blood sorcery, Presence
BH: Increases health regeneration

Additionally, resonance comes in temperaments, which can be well-balanced, fleeting, intense, or acute. An acute resonance is self-sustaining, an effect called "Dyscrasia" adopted from Hippocrates.

  • Well-balanced temperament brings no closer advantages.
  • Fleeting temperament brings no direct advantages, but can be used for Thin-Blood Alchemy
  • Intense temperament increases a Discipline corresponding to the resonance type.
  • Acute temperament has the same effect as intense but gives the drinker additional bonuses.

A complete lack of resonance whatsoever increases Oblivion.

All effects last until the vampire has her next drink, or reaches Hunger 5.


The resonance types are based on medieval humorism, and the classical elements (Animal notwithstanding).