The Blood Court of the Kuei-jin is the authoritative North court of the Quincunx. It is located in the capital of Beijing.


The Blood Court, along with its four sister courts, was created under the jurisdiction of the Yellow Emperor Court in 1304 by the Treaty of the Quincunx. Since that time, the Blood Court acts as the magistrates, impartial referees in Shadow Wars and as the center of orthodoxy among the Quincunx. The Blood Court is responsible for formulating the laws of Kuei-jin society through all of China and annually, a Revered Tribunal of the August Personage takes place to adress matters from all four Courts. For this reason, members of the Blood Court are afforded a degree of respect among the the other four courts.

The Blood Court lost much of its influence when the Quing dynasty fell, and many Kuei-jin blamed them for not stopping the various colonial wars and the multiple humbling defeats. The rise of Mao additionally made maintaining the traditions that the Blood Court was so proud of even more difficult. Even now, the Blood Court works to extend its jurisdiction into other parts of the Middle Kingdom, trying to make contacts with Quincunx-friendly Courts in Korea and Japan, as well as sending "missionaries" into regions like India and Thailand to combat heretical dharmas.

The Blood Court, despite its rigidity, is known to entertain kin-jin "guests", like ambassador Martino della Passaglia of Clan Giovanni and Oliver Thrace of Clan Tremere.

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