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The Blood Brothers are a rare Kindred bloodline of the Sabbat, created by a group of Tremere antitribu and Tzimisce kolduns.

Designed to function as perfect combat units, Blood Brothers possess a sort of shared consciousness, working exclusively with the "circle" of Blood Brothers with whom they share their "hive mind". The members of a circle will often be fleshcrafted by Tzimisce to appear identical, an outward reflection of their lack of individuality.


The Brothers are a modern bloodline, but even so their numbers dwindle in the Final Nights as they are unable to grant the Embrace (a limitation placed on them intentionally). With the loss of the Tremere antitribu only a handful of Tzimisce know the secrets of their creation, and it seemed likely they would die out before Gehenna comes.

Which was true, as by the time the Gehenna Crusade was in full swing, the Blood Brothers had become defunct. However, the Sabbat blood sorcery used to make them was repurposed to devise powerful ghoul shock troops, known as fleshweld ghouls.[1]


Blood Brothers have little in the way of culture beyond violence (they often dress as and act like mortal skinheads), their bond to their circle mates. They try to erase anything which might distinguish them as individuals; to this end, they may tattoo themselves with numbers that identifies their circle, or be fleshcrafted to resemble their companions. Members of a Blood Brother circle grow agitated if they see each other as "different", and so will even wear the same clothing so that they can feel more at ease.

They lack personal desires and are considered ideal servants by their creators, though opinion of them differs among other members of the Sabbat who are aware of their existence.

The Blood Brothers have no care about their haven; they stay in whatever haven is provided to them by the Sabbat. As long as they can stay together, the Blood Brothers do not care about the quality of said haven.


Most traces of individuality are erased by the ritual that creates a Blood Brother, but the few Tzimisce who still have the secret often choose thugs, gang members, or families, since their violent tendencies and/or existing bonds make the process easier.


The Bloodline as a whole does not have any form of organization. The Blood Brothers serve the Sabbat without question and with violent efficiency. They know only two loyalties: their circle mates, and their Sabbat masters. The former is treated with quiet deference, while the latter is treated with complete loyalty bordering on sycophancy.

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