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Blood Aspect Liminal Exalted are created by those motivated by lust, greed, ambition, or similarly possessive emotions. They embody wellsprings of passion and are vessels of binding forces.

Notable Personages

Dame Crimson, the signature Blood Aspect, was stitched together from a number of priestesses that served a Forest King. The god murdered them all because they each had some imperfection that displeased him, and he tried to combine them all into a single perfect priestess.

Instead, he got Dame Crimson, who murdered him right back. Possibly related, she goes on to seduce another god's priest, which is appropriate to the lusty nature of Blood Aspect Chernozem.

Masters of Jade reports that Dame Crimson oversees the security of merchant prince Casim Thurat, a guild trader who has developed a terrible flaw -- a conscience. Thurat considers her services indispensable as he trades obsidian, chalchdony, and dream eaten slaves to supply the Mask of Winters' construction projects in Thorns, and meanwhile smuggles arms in, and refugees out, of the city.