Blessing is one of the three ways the Nunnehi tend to use to gather Medicine.

Overview Edit

Blessing is the Nunnehi method of achieving Rapture and can only occur in the Umbra. The process of Rapture allows a changeling to receive Glamour from a work of their own creation. Since Nunnehi cannot inspire themselves in this manner, they have discovered a way to use their connection with the spirit world to achieve a similar ecstasy through the blessing of a totem spirit. This may only be attempted at the changing of the seasons (four times a year).

System Edit

The Nunnehi must first undergo a ritual purification. When they are ready, they attempt to summon their totem spirit by offering it a song, story, dance, sand painting, or other artistic creation. The totem spirit will usually answer such a summons. When the spirit is present, the Nunnehi rolls the appropriate Attribute + Ability score for their gift to the spirit (difficulty 7). The number of successes indicates the number of Medicine points gained directly from the totem spirit. Five successes awards the Nunnehi a permanent point of Medicine. A botch causes the spirit to flee and gives the Nunnehi two points of temporary Banality. The Nunnehi must wait 24 hours before trying to enter the spirit world, and may not try again for a Blessing until the next season change. Additionally, they may feel the need to perform some purification ceremony to rid themself of whatever taint offended the totem spirit.

The Menehune Edit

The Menehune also use this practice. For more information, see the article Menehune.

References Edit

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