A Blessed Opa is a level 3 treasure of the Eshu

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The opa is the traditional weapon of the Elegbara. Similar to a quarterstaff, it is usually intricately carved and adorned with luck charms and souvenirs their owners have picked up on their journeys. Most are hardened by firing or by Cantrips and are as durable as metal and so able to be used in combat against edged weapons without fear of breaking. They are valued for both their beauty and utility. Plus staves are rarely considered a restricted weapon by mortals or Fae and can be legally carried nearly anywhere in the world. Don't be fooled, though. A well-trained staff fighter is incredibly dangerous and opponents who underestimate the Eshu rarely do so again.

Blessed Opa are those opa not only beautifully carved but imbued with one or two magical effects like any other Treasure weapon. Most have honored names related to their powers and have been handed down through families or from mentor to student for generations. Some have legends of their own aside from that of their wielders.

References Edit

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