The Blank Badges are a Legacy that concerns themselves with fighting actively against the Lie and its servants. The Blanks exist on the outer edges of Awakened society, acknowledged as members of the Free Council and afforded the protection of Awakened tradition and protocol, even if they don't respect it themselves. They work with other mages when circumstances require it, but the Blanks don't trust anyone, often not even members of their own Legacy, because they know the Lie extends its influence everywhere, and is not so easily thrown off as other willworkers might like to believe.


This Legacy is descended from one of the first cabals of the Free Council, formed during the Nameless War. These outcast mages took their Nameless status as a badge of honor, wearing white or blank badges as a sign of their allegiances, or some other white token, from a flower to a handkerchief. They said the white was for purity, but it also represented limitless potential, a clearing away of all the detritus of centuries of mystical tradition that bound the so-called Atlantean orders in chains of expectations and limitations. To be a mage, according to the Blank Badges, was to cast off such things and to embrace limitless potential and possibilities. The cabal survived the Nameless War and the formation and recognition of the Free Council, eventually becoming a true Legacy that forged and reshaped the souls of young mystics initiated into its ways.

Not all survived, because the Blank Badges explored the edges of mystical knowledge, fighting to push back the boundaries, while at the same time defying the power of the Seers of the Throne and their Exarch masters. Blank Badges have been a part of rebellions around the world, seeking to cast off the established order to create something new. They have also fought in the shadows, unseen and unsung by any save the most perceptive of the Guardians and wisest of the Mysterium. The Badges have had to, since the enemy they're fighting against is conformity, expectation, the Lie of mundane existence.

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