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Black Wednesday 1996

Black Wednesday was the moniker given to a round of layoffs at White Wolf in 1996. One of the final books published during this time was the Celestial Chorus Tradition Book, which detailed the people let go by the company.

These included:

Black Wednesday 2011

In a business predicated upon corruption, vice, debauchery and ineptitude, some turnover is inevitable. Far to the back of the Black Dog office, enshrined within a frame of cracked Plexiglas and stained by unknown humors, lies a forgotten testament to Those Who Have Gone Before. Whether claimed by their own villainy, other employment or the nebulous void into which frenzied minds sometimes fall, the early minds that spun Black Dog into its wretched, fetid state do not go unremembered. As the rude etching on the tiny monument reads, "Gone but not forgotten. Bitch."
Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex

In 2011, CCP hf found itself in a difficult position. Due to a series of miscommunications and public relations gaffes, subscriptions to EVE Online were decreasing. This was concerning, as EVE proceeds were being used to support development on three games: EVE, associated game DUST 514, and World of Darkness Online.

In order to fully utilize dwindling resources, on Wednesday, October 19, they cut their workforce by 20%, mostly in the Atlanta offices. As most of the White Wolf staff had moved out of tabletop development into working on the MMO, this meant a number of long-time White Wolf staffers were laid off (although it should be noted that CCP Transmedia, which handles tabletop development, remained unaffected).

Staffers included:

Many of these staffers continue to contribute to White Wolf as freelancers. Notably, Ethan Skemp expressed he'd likely still be working on Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition, and VTR developer Rose Bailey noted that immediately after the meeting where she was laid off, she was brought into another meeting where she was asked to pitch new Vampire books.

Remaining CCP staff from White Wolf include Bill Bridges, Conrad Hubbard, Chris McDonough, Matt Milberger, Ben Monk, Richard Thomas, Mike Tinney, and Eddy Webb.