Black Nathaniel is an angel focused on the capture of ghosts.


This angel was created to oversee the God-Machine's directive to capture ghosts and bind them to machines. It has Reapers and Sowers assisting it in this mission (these lesser angels Discorporate at any sign of hostility — they're here to work, not to fight). Black Nathaniel is an immensely powerful angel but acts in a managerial role. He finds pockets of ghostly activity and summons his minion angels. He also deals with anyone making trouble for the mission. Unlike some angels, Black Nathaniel is utterly loyal to the God-Machine and not above trying to make some extra ghosts if people interfere.

Unlike many angels, Black Nathaniel has no time for subtlety. He flies throughout the region searching for ghosts and then summons his minions to bind them. He doesn't make an effort to hide himself, but because he seeks out haunted sites (which tend to be somewhat isolated), he's managed to implant a good number of unquiet dead into mechanical devices without anyone noticing. He doesn't have a problem with investigators, but if someone starts making progress on reversing the process, he intervenes.


Black Nathaniel is an angel and looks the part. He is nearly seven feet tall, lean and muscular. He wears black pants, but doesn't bother with any other clothes. He sports enormous black wings and wears a silver chain with a small piece of glass around his neck. His voice is quiet, but carries grave authority.

Character Sheet

Black Nathaniel.png

Virtue: Severe
Vice: Gentle
Rank: 5
Attributes: Power 13, Finesse 11, Resistance 12
Influence: Death 2, Ghosts 2, Silence 1
Corpus: 18
Willpower: 23
Size: 6
Speed: 34
Defense: 11
Initiative: 23
Armor: None
Numina: Awe, Blast (silver chains), Emotional Aura, Firestarter, Regenerate, Resurrection, Seek, Speed
Manifestation: Discorporate, Materialize, Twilight Form
Max Essence: 50
Ban: Black Nathaniel cannot enter graveyards.
Bane: White marble.


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