Black Furies Tribebook is the first supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse dealing exclusively with the matriarchal Black Furies.


Imperfect in his understanding of the Mother
Born in Her grace,
Jealous of Her power,
Traps, rapes, enslaves
Our sisters, our Mother.
We feel the pain, know the blood,
Of childbirth, menstruation, humiliation,
Ours is the power of life and death,
Ours is the Rage of the Mother,
Her will is your own.
Let Man cower.

Black Furies Tribebook includes:

  • The history and culture of Black Furies.
  • A "Legends of the Garou" comic book.
  • Five ready-to-play character templates.

Contents Edit

Legends: The Last Picture Show Edit

Introduction: The Lessons Begin Edit

Chapter One: Σελεινειαι Αδελφαε (Sisters of the Moon) Edit

Chapter Two: Τροποσ Κυκλοσ (The Way of the Circle) Edit

Chapter Three: Καλυμμα Γαιεισ (Gaia's Vale) Edit

Appendix One; Powers Edit

Appendix Two: Black Fury Templates Edit

Appendix Three: Furies of Note Edit

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