Bitiurges was once a mage of House Tremere and later part of Clan Tremere.


Born into a prestigious line of Tremere magi, Bitiurges was groomed from birth to become a magus himself. Growing up in a chantry, he spoke Latin as his first language and had no contact with the world outside. Traveling across several chantries of his House, his way eventually lead him to Ceoris, where the shade of mage Ponticulus revealed the history of the chantry to him, as well as the existence of vampires and the transformation of the Tremere Founder. While appearing foppish on the outside, Bitiurges instead planned to use this information to be Embraced himself. When he learned of the Grand Tribunal of Doissetep that censured House Tremere and declared a Wizard's March against them, he brought warning to Etrius, who showed his gratitude by Embracing him.

In 1707, Bitiurges apparently defected to the Tremere antitribu, but rejoined the clan again in 1917. After continuing service to the Clan in Germany, he apparently died in 1977, during a raid of the police of one of his havens.


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