Bishop is a title held by a Sabbat vampire, who serves or advises an Archbishop, or a vampire who maintains Sabbat influence in a city with aid of others of equal status.



Bishops are those immediately below the Archbishop but above Priests in Sabbat domains, with the same high level duties but much narrower scope.

A Bishop may be in charge of a single aspect of Cainite unlife in the domain, or they may be a more general spiritual leader, inquisitor against diabolism, military general, or any other specific aspect of Sabbat agenda.

Those who are in the know liken bishops to the primogen of the Camarilla, and some Sabbat domains that have no Archbishop are ruled by a council of Bishops instead.


Shrewd and savvy, the bishops administrate the nightly affairs of the Sabbat. Their duties include:

  • Advise their Archbishops;
  • Assist Archbishops in clan matters when necessary;
  • May remove the initiated status from a lower-ranked member of the Sabbat;
  • May promote or demote others of lower rank;

Known Bishops

Name Diocese Clan Generation Time Active Source(s)
Alfred Benezri (he eventually rose to the position of Archbishop) Montreal, Canada Panders 8th since the late 1990s
Almira Veracruz Oakland, California Lasombra 10th ?
Andrew Emory Portland, Oregon Lasombra 11th until November 2000
Antonio Veradas Leon, Nicaragua Brujah antitribu (actually True Brujah) ? ?
Armando Mendes New York City ? ? until 1999
Brandenberg Baltimore, Maryland ? ? until ~2002
Cicatriz Tijuana, Mexico Nosferatu antitribu 9th ?
Drew Buffalo, New York ? ? ?
Ecaterina the Wise New York City Brujah antitribu 7th (was 8th) circa 1661 to 1969
Elieser de Polanco ? Lasombra 7th ?
Epiphany Fulton County ? ? newly appointed as of 1999
Ezekiel Montreal Serpents of the Light 8th (was 9th)
Federic Montaigne ? ? ? circa 1804-1919
Francisco Old City ? ? sometime after 1993
Giangaleazzo (probably erroneous; is actually an Archbishop) Milan, Italy Lasombra 7th circa late 19th century
Guiterez ? ? ? ?
Jefferson Foster possibly Toronto, Canada Ventrue antitribu 9th ?
Jonas Van Cortlandt New York City ? ? 1804-1862
José Chavez El Paso, Texas Lasombra 10th circa 1970
Judas Brisbane, Australia ? ? ?
Dr. Julius Sutphen Atlanta, Georgia Lasombra ? circa 1999-2003
Laszlo Mirac ? Ventrue antitribu ? ?
Louisa Baker Madagascar Fleet Lasombra ? ?
Lutz Persson Oslo, Norway (contested) ? ? ?
Mark Torrence, California Blood Brothers 9th ?
Munther al-Aswad Cairo, Egypt Lasombra 8th circa 2001
Nora Clemones Quebec, Canada ? ? ?
Néstor Lavagna Mendoza, Argentinia Lasombra ? ?
Orlando Oriundus ? Tremere Antitribu ? Modern Nights
Otahyoni New York City Tzimisce ? until 1679
Paul Cordwood ? Tremere Antitribu 7th ?
Paul Pierre LaMont ? Toreador antitribu 9th 1595-1740s
Radu Bistri New York City Tzimisce 7th 1792-1801
The Rose Montreal Tzimisce 9th
Salem Justice Miami, Florida Tzimisce ? ?
Sebastian Atlanta, Georgia ? ? 1999
Silence Brisbane, Australia ? ? ?
Simon Orozco New York City ? ? 1993-1999
Soul Brisbane, Australia ? ? ?
Stimson Nogales ? ? circa 2002
Talley, The Hound ? Lasombra 7th ?
Turlev New York City Lasombra ? 1866-1990
Virginie Dublin, Ireland Lasombra 8th (was 12th) since 1999


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