A Birthright is a special gift granted to a Scion by a god, usually their own divine parent. If a Scion comes under the patronage of another god, which frequently occurs with gods who are unable or unwilling to reproduce the traditional way, they may also be granted Birthrights by their new master.

The idea of the Birthright is to allow the Scion to raise themselves into Legend by performing daring feats and tasks impossible for ordinary mortals. These abilities are granted in a number of ways, but arguably the most powerful Birthright are Relics, which a Scion must use, at least in the beginning, to access the godly powers called Purviews. As the Scion grows in power and Legend, they come to rely on these artifacts less and less and become accustomed to accessing their Purviews directly.

Hero Birthrights

  • Creature - A faithful animal companion which can range from an earthly familiar to a grand mythological beast.
  • Followers - A group that unwaveringly follows the Scion's commands.
  • Guide - A powerful mystical adviser that a Scion can turn to in a pinch for assistance.
  • Relic - The tools of the gods that allow a Scion to access and channel their otherworldly abilities.

God Birthrights

  • Avatar - The god can create an earthly form that makes it easier to interact with mortals.
  • Sanctum - The god's Overworld home, where they can retreat to in times of need.
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