The Norga can adjust his physical frame and muscle tone. He can add muscle to generate greater physical power or to work more easily in a high-gravity environment. He can make his muscles and bones more limber and elastic to move about more easily or to perform in low-gravity environments with ease. This adjustment shifts the psion’s own biomass to create the desired effect, although such changes are seldom apparent to the naked eye.

System: Spend one point and roll Psi; you may shift temporarily any number of dots in any of your character’s Physical Attributes up to the successes rolled. The adjustment lasts 10 minutes for each dot in your character’s Psi score. Once shifted, the Attribute dots remain in place until the power’s effect wears off or when your character cancels it; he then returns to his normal physiological configuration.

The adjustment may raise an Attribute above five dots. If you get three successes on the Psi roll, you could move one dot from Dexterity and two dots from Stamina to raise your character’s Strength by three dots, or you could move three from Dexterity and place two into Strength and one into Stamina - or any other combination you wish. Bear in mind that while one or two Physical Attributes may go up for a short time, at least one of your character’s Physical statistics drops as well. At 3 Psychomorphing, this effect lasts 30 min- Utes for each permanent Psi your character has. At 4 Psychomorphing, it lasts a number of hours equal to his Psi score. At five dots in Psychomorphing, the power lasts three hours for each dot in your character’s Psi.

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