Biokinesis instils a keen sense of biological awareness in its practitioners. The psion perceives instinctively the presence of nearby living beings, from plants to animals to humans to even bioware. By tracing the psi energy flux emanating from all living things, the Gifted may divine organisms’ locations to within a few meters. A biokinetic could move through a crowd or a jungle even if blinded, using Biosense as a sort of “living radar.”

System: Roll Psi. Success indicates that your character becomes aware of the presence, but not necessarily identity, of any living being within a radius of meters (centered on your character) equal to his Psi score. The subject’s size affects the ease with which your character senses it. For example, a human is a standard Psi roll, while a cat is +1 difficulty and a jade plant is +3 difficulty.

While the location is revealed, no other information may be discerned without actual physical investigation. Biosense can be useful, but constant use can disrupt the game. The Storyteller should consider the drama of the plot. If a psion uses Biosense with each step he takes, the Storyteller should apply a difficulty modifier or Psi point cost, or even both.

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