Bink is a member of the Sons of Ether at the University of California-Berkeley.

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Bink is a quiet one. Of course, she's also off of her rocker, as far as most of her friends even within the Etherites are concerned. Obsessed with her concept of "Transtemporality," she has been a fixture in the labs of UC-Berkeley for as long as anyone can remember. She's got transcripts going back every year for at least the last decade, and shows up for more classes than any student in their right mind ought to, but remains a mystery in terms of her actual status. In fact, she become something of a campus legend, and among certain of the more traditionally geeky social groups you're not considered to have arrived on campus until you've been "Binked" (i.e. hauled off into a long, fascinating discussion on some utterly bizarre subject or other). Even her rare critics speak highly of her as a person; they simply can't understand what she's talking about most of the time.

Bink's latest enthusiasm, the latest in a long line of truly outré ideas, is discovering the power that the ancients labeled "pixie dust," and using it to power an engine with sheer imagination. This, she imagines, will outperform any sports car on the road, being environmentally sound to boot. The one drawback, though, its that her research inescapably shows that pixie dust comes from ground-up pixies, and how she's going to get those (or an unreasonable facsimile thereof) is anyone's guess.

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Bink is a small woman in her mid-forties with long brown hair and elfin features. She is fine-boned, barely reaching five feet in height, and bounces from medieval garb to business suits depending on how she's feeling. Most observers will swear that her eyes are actually black, and hold a piercing gaze. She wears an alexandrite ring on her right hand that changes color depending upon the light, and when no one important is looking, she likes to make the thing sparkle using her special "polychromatic handheld laser generator," a toy with no other purpose. Bink was in a severe motorcycle accident several years back and sometimes walks with a limp.

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Bink talks a million miles an hour. Her enthusiasm is contagious; once not of her presence, people shake their heads at what she's doing, but while they're listening to her, they're hers. She makes sharp, animated gestures when speaking... to illustrate her point or just to work off nervous energy. Her favorite phrase is "Wanna see something neat?"; it generally crops up at least three times per conversation.

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