Name: Bill Bridges
Gender: Male
Born: September 17, 1965 (Age: 54)

Bill Bridges is a roleplaying game developer and author who helped create some of the World of Darkness' best known games. An original developer on Werewolf: The Apocalypse from 1992 to 1995, Bill was also part of the original Mage: The Ascension design team and has numerous writing credits encompassing most of the second edition World of Darkness games. He also helped design the Werewolf trading card game, Rage.[1]

After years with White Wolf, he joined Holistic Design (HDI) where he co-created Fading Suns with Andrew Greenberg. His work for other companies include writing for Chaosium and development on Star Trek role-playing games published by Last Unicorn. He has also worked on computer games, notably Emperor of the Fading Suns for Segasoft (based on the Fading Suns RPG), co-writing scripts for Viacom's "interactive horror movie" Dracula Unleashed, and more Star Trek work on Starfleet Academy for Interplay.[2]

Bridges moved back to White Wolf in 2002, replacing Jess Heinig as the developer for the revised edition of Mage: The Ascension,[3] seeing the game he created through to its conclusion in the Time of Judgment. For the new World of Darkness, he worked on the new core rules and was a designer, author and developer on Mage: The Awakening. He later moved on line edit Promethean: The Created, which has won several awards.

Bridges also co-chairs the content committee for the biannual myth based academic conference and performance festival, Mythic Journeys.[2] His published novels include The Silver Crown and The Last Battle, both of which are Werewolf: The Apocalypse tales featuring Jonas Albrecht.


Bill's official contributions for White Wolf include the following:

Additional Contributions/Material

Additional Design


Based on the Work of

Concept and Design



Developmental Assistance


Original Concept and Design


System and E&D Assistance

Special Thanks

Authors' Special Thanks


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