Bhallaire was a 6th generation Nosferatu, and the sire of Aine. He was diablerized by his childe after being struck down by the Roman legions.


In the forests of ancient Britain, Bhallaire found a celtic priestess named Aine hidding with her people when the Romans invaded their land and burned down their sacred glade. The hideous Nosferatu said he could help her to muster the strenght to take veangence upon the "iron men", but was met only with skepticism.

He embraced her even so, turning the priestess into one like him (which he called the "Noisavair"). Once he fed her with his blood, his newly created childe fell into a deep sleep afterwards and her body was terribly transformed. When Aine awoke she found her sire badly wounded by a Roman legion who had impaled him and set his body on fire. She diablerized Bhallaire, believing that her nature now as one of the "Foimor" was not to help others, but only to do evil.


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