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Beyond the Shroud is a Wraith: The Oblivion novel released in 1996, authored by Rick Hautala.


From the seller's page:

It doesn't end with death.
David Robinson's life has taken several turns for the worse: first his daughter dies, then his marriage crumbles and his career as a mystery writer falls apart. But after he is killed in a hit-and-run accident, David quickly learns that he will face his most harrowing challenges - as a Wraith in the Shadowlands.
Unable to contact or influence the world of the living, David's agony is made worse when he learns that his ex-wife's relationship with a dangerous man named Tony Ranieri has put her life at risk. Tony possesses - and is possessed by - a relic filled with such awesome powers of destruction that dark forces within the Shadowlands will stop at nothing to obtain it. They'll even spur Tony to murder and manipulate the soul of David's daughter to force his cooperation.
But David is already dead, and he knows that power is a blade that cuts two ways.
"Rick Hautala's writing shines with dedication, hard-earned craft, and devotion to that sacred element, story itself." -Peter Straub
Note: The Black & White print editions of this book are not full-bleed. Because of printing requirements there is a small white border around the edge of the pages.

Background Information

Beyond the Shroud would be reprinted in the Omnibus, The Quintessential World of Darkness.

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