Bethag, Warlord of the Isles, is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder in the Tuath of Shadows in Caledonia.


Bethag's fighting prowess is legendary and she runs a kendo dojo in her mortal seeming. Many sidhe knights swallow their pride and pledge service to her cause (she will take no squires) for the opportunity of learning from the greatest fencer in Caledonia.

Bethag hates being Ross' vassal and abhors being a leader of a tuath, but her sense of duty and honor runs so deep that she cannot turn her back on the commoners. Much to her surprise, she has grown to like a few of the sidhe knights who have come to her for training.

Her greatest fear is that one day Ross will discover her knowledge of a trod connecting the Near Isle Trods with Wallace's Walk. This is the fabled key to the Highlands that Ross so badly needs to rout the clanns. Bethag would almost rather die than give up the secret of this trod.


Bethag has a daunting presence. Standing seven-and-a-quarter feet tall, she towers over most sidhe and even a few trolls. In her fae mien, she prefers a loose black shirt and tights for ease of fighting. Bethag's hair is long and flows like gold; her eyes are large and violet.

Personal Edit

Bethag has little use for most foppish sidhe courtiers, being a woman of action, not words. Still, if someone comes to her with a genuine desire to learn and serve, she's willing to give them a try. She acts stern and bluffs everyone, lest they suspect she has a kind heart.

Treasures Edit

Bethag owns a beautiful claymore. While not magical, the sword is well-balanced and very sharp. The pommel is set with an amber stone containing a large dragonfly.

References Edit

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