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A Bestowment is a power bestowed by a Promethean's Lineage (or a Pandoran's Mockery). They are specific to each Lineage, but Bestowments can also be purchased as Transmutations for those outside the Lineage. As of Strange Alchemies and Second Edition, there are a minimum of two Bestowments for each Lineage that a Promethean can choose from at their creation. The other Bestowment must be purchased as if the Promethean was outside that Lineage. Bestowments do not cause a Promethean to gain that Lineage's disfigurement, but there will be subtle alterations in the physiology, most notably the balance of the humours within that Promethean.

List of Bestowments


  • Crucible of Anguish (Dark Eras) - If damaged with fire, the Prophet receives visions.
  • Titan‘s Strength (Promethean: The Created Second Edition) - As the Frankenstein Refinement.



  • Spare Parts (Strange Alchemies) - A Wretched can use new body parts to remake or repair themselves fully, including channelling Azoth into the new limb or organ to make it fully part of themselves.
  • Titan’s Strength (Promethean: The Created Second Edition) - A Wretched flexes the fibres of their muscles tighter than the human frame is made to, for maximum muscular efficiency.
  • Unholy Strength (Promethean: The Created) - A Wretched can spend Pyros to improve their strength. It does not affect combat, only acts of brute strength, such as battering down doors, lifting something extremely heavy, etc.


  • Heart of Stone (Strange Alchemies) - A Muse can channel their Azoth to temporarily turn themselves into a statue or other inanimate figure.
  • Mesmerizing Appearance (Promethean: The Created) - A Muse can use their Pyros to improve their social skills, such as seduction, gossip, or personal appeal.
  • Unearthly Mein (Promethean: The Created Second Edition) - The Muse appears to be the platonic ideal of humanity, drawing people to them.
  • Symbiotic Muse (Promethean: The Created Second Edition ) - The Muse sparks activity in anyone that has touched the Divine Fire nearby.



  • Corpse Tongue (Strange Alchemies) - A Nepri can use their Azoth to ask a corpse three questions that can be answered "yes" or "no". This ability can only be used once per corpse.
  • Revivification (Promethean: The Created) - A Nepri who is killed does not lose their accumulated Azoth; instead, they lose the Revivification ability and must repurchase it.


  • Heart of Clay (Promethean: The Created Second Edition ) - The Golem hardens their resolve, seeming stoic and stalwart to the rest of the world.
  • Inscription (Promethean: The Created Second Edition ) - Each Golem bears an inscription upon their forehead. Using this Bestowment, they can use this word to grant them greater abilities.
  • Unbreakable Will (Strange Alchemies) - A Golem can channel their Azoth to increase their resolve against supernatural attacks from any being.
  • Unholy Stamina (Promethean: The Created) - A Golem can raise their stamina to inhuman levels through purchase by experience points. Yes, even if it takes them over 5. Also gain a 9-again on Stamina rolls.


  • Ephemeral Flesh (Promethean: The Created) - A Riven gains the abilities to see, communicate, and have physical contact with ghosts, spirits and other ephemeral creatures.
  • Orphean Song (Strange Alchemies) - A Riven can use their Azoth and a song to lull ghosts and spirits into a slumbering state.
  • Twilight Fluidity (Promethean: The Created Second Edition ) - The Riven acts without distraction or impairment, moving through the world like a ghost would the twilight.


  • Heart of Steel (Promethean: Second Edition) - An Unfleshed with this Bestowment can remain cold and callous, ignoring negativity and other such harsh words.
  • The Soul is in the Software (Promethean: Second Edition) - The Unfleshed with this Bestowment has a body made of malleable, modular parts, and may remove them for various tasks.


  • Half-Life (Night Horrors: The Tormented) - The Azoth of the Zeky is irrevocably tied to how long it takes for the radioactive material within them to decay.
  • Re-Animator (PTC: Saturnine Night (book) Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print!) - A Zeka can create zombies from corpses that died from radiation exposure.
  • Radioactive Affinity (Saturnine Night) - A Zeka can sniff out sources of radiation and use them to regain Pyros while awake.
  • Victim Shadow (Saturnine Night) - A Zeka can take the form of a shadow scorched into an object which allows them to limit the effects of their Disquiet and Wasteland.

Extempore Bestowments

Extempore Prometheans are not a proper lineage, but more a catchall term for for individual and strange Created. As such, their Bestowments are just as strange and varied as they are.