Bertram Tung is a particularly grotesque looking Nosferatu elder, living in an abandoned oil tank in Santa Monica. Bertram is only mentioned in conversation in the beginning of the game. Bertram Tung is the master of the overzealous "golden ghoul", Knoxx Harrington, who refers to him only as "Nasty dude"; Therese Voerman reveals Tung's real name along with her terms in calling off the feud between them.

As one would expect from a Nosferatu, Bertram is intimately knowledgeable in the Kindred sects and clans, additionally giving his own opinions of each. As he is loyal to his clan and primogen, Bertram is therefore, loyal to the Camarilla, despite a slight reluctance.

As far as is known Bertram is a skillful computer geek and also very good at Potence discipline.

Quests Edit

  • Explosive beginning

Bertram serves as a discrete entry to the house of wares. From there you must creep through the high alert thugs and plant the astrolite in your inventory. Once the astrolite is set to explode, your objective is to distance yourself as far from the detonation site as possible.

Trivia Edit

  • The Malkavian player addresses Bertram as, "nasty dude". It will result in Bertram being offended the first time but after he realizes the player is a Malkavian he stops paying attention to it.


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