The Berserkers are an elite force within the Kithain Warriors of House Aesin.

Overview Edit

House Aesin
The Berserkers are cursed. These 13 men accept the heavy burden of protecting their House by donning ancient, magical armor that shields them from all weapon attacks and allows them to fight beyond their regular capacity. The problem is that once they are unleashed they are impossible to stop until they are dead or the House has won. Wearing the Berserker Armor poisons the mind but their sanity is the price they pay for becoming a member of this feared and respected group.

Cross-Gender Roles Edit

Within House Aesin, all occupations are based on sex. There are, occasionally, those fae who want to break with tradition and take on the role of the opposite sex. If they can stand the teasing and prove themselves worthy, they will eventually be accepted.

References Edit

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