Rev. Benjamin Bodycombe was the leader of a religious splinter group who, in 1851, bought the land on which the Bishopsgate Mental Asylum would be built. He is currently a ghost haunting the asylum as part of the so-called "Board of Directors".


…I saw them clearly for the first time. It’s the eyes, you see. It’s the eyes. No matter how fair the angel may appear to be, a man can see the truth of an angel’s soul through its eyes.
  — Journal of Benjamin Bodycombe, July 3, 1857

Bodycombe was a Protestant leader who led a splinter group which encouraged a shared pool of wives and strict vegetarianism. Expelled from their previous Episcopalian church, no further action was taken against them, since they never actually did harm to others.

The group settled on the land that would become the Bishopsgate Asylum after they bought it from Elliot Teesdale, a descendant of James Teesdale. Bodycombe’s flock, over the next six years, would find themselves shunned by the main community, eventually withdrawing and committing ritual suicide in July of 1857. Bodycombe’s last journal entry indicates that he had been led astray by some beings he called “the Holy Ones”, indicating that the suicide may have been some attempt at escape from them.

Following his death, Bodycombe remained as a ghost. He has since agreed to aid James Teesdale in his grasp for necromantic power, and is the one who most frequently deals with the other ghosts, convincing them to join in. His Anchor is a wooden cross sitting in the medical center’s chapel.

Character Sheet

Board of Directors; from left to right, Teesdale, Bodycombe, and Hopper

Attributes: Power 4, Finesse 5, Resistance 5
Willpower: 9
Morality: 2 (Zealotry)
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride
Initiative: 10
Defense: 5
Speed: 19 (species factor 10)
Size: 5
Corpus: 10

Numina Dice Pool
Animal Control 9
Clairvoyance 9
Compulsion 9
Ghost Sign 9
Ghost Speech 9
Phantasm 9
Terrify 9


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