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The Beltaine Blade is a shadowy, Secret Society of sidhe nobles dedicated to preserving the traditional oligarchy of Kithain society.


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Somewhat like the historic Star Chamber, these sidhe nobles do support the Monarchy, in principle, but are far more interested in empowering feudal nobles and so they work to weaken King David while tightening their own grip on power. They have adherents in powerful positions, including at the court of Tara-Nar, Although its membership is exclusively sidhe, it uses commoner races as soldiers and assassins. The Blade's current project is to disenfranchise the trolls, whom they consider a threat to the "true nobility," which are themselves.

The Blade is extremely ruthless and is rumored to have been involved in the Beltaine Night of Iron Knives Massacre. Predominantly Traditionalist in makeup, there are a few Modernists within its ranks, but they are only interested in the utilitarian aspects of modern society, not any of its more egalitarian ideals. The current leader of the Blade is Duke Dyfell's cousin, Duke Dray. While there are few full-time Unseelie changelings within the Blade, it is still a bloodthirsty group and even has some contacts among the vampire Ventrue.


Gentlemen, I'm sure you can all see the rightness of my claim. We, the nobles, are most fit to rule. We know our subjects better than any other. We can uphold our responsibilities best. What harm is there in empowering ourselves to serve our people better?


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