Flavius Belisarius, also known as Belisar, was one of the most famous generals of the Byzantine Empire under the emperor Justinian I. He was a rival of Narses and later Embraced by the Ventrue Antonius. The bitterness between him and the eunuch was one of the factors that eventually resulted in the Bitter Crusade.

His military genius helped the Byzantine Empire long after his "death", but he could not stop the destruction of Constantinople. After the city's fall, he wandered far to the East and disappeared. He later resurfaced as a spectre and became one of Oblivion's greatest officers.


Originally a bodyguard for Justinian I, Belisarius quickly became one of the more successful commanders, prevailing in battles against the Sassanides and eventually retaking North Africa and great parts of Italy. He was partnered with the eunuch Narses, as Justinian did not trust him.

Antonius recognized his strategic skills, and one year after Emperor Justinian's death, he Embraced Belisar into the Ventrue clan, who retired from command in 559. Despite Belisarius' loyalty to his sire, the petty struggles with the Draconian Tzimisce were not to his liking. He requested a transfer to North Africa, where he stayed even when the Arabs conquered the territory. Free from any obligation to his sire, Belisarius wandered the Mediterranean, accompanied by his consort and lover Shabah of the Assamites.

During this time he Embraced Anadja while passing through Egypt. Belisarius and Shabah treated her as their mutual childe and trained her for both battle and command. Centuries later, she would become a central figure in the True Black Hand.

He returned to Constantinople after the defeat at the Battle of Manzikert, demanding the destruction of the prefects whom he held responsible. He played in mortal politics when he supported the ascendance of Alexius Comnenus and his successor John II, but was later overshadowed by the machinations of his clanmate Nicepherus.

After the Bitter Crusade in 1204, Belisarius vanished from view. Rumors tell that he had been seen together with an Assamite woman, others suggest that he may have joined the Inconnu.

Whatever had been the case, Belisarius apparently met Final Death at some point and entered the Shadowlands as a wraith. After a brief flirt with the Fishers, he became shadow-eaten and joined the forces of Oblivion. He fought in Coldheart's army during the Third Great Maelstrom and later raised his own force, wreaking havoc in the Flayed Lands, Swar, and the Yellow Springs. He vanished during the Fourth Great Maelstrom while he lead a force against the Dark Kingdom of Ivory.

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For the real Byzantine general, see Belisarius.


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