The Bekaak are a minor clan of Kindred. Often Sanctified, these vampires suffer a strange entropic curse that eventually robs them of their youthful looks and mental faculties.


Supposedly originating on the east coast of North America, the Bekaak once ruled other Kindred in a confederacy of the dead, not unlike the Roman Camarilla. However, at some point the clan lost their political power and were cursed to age like mortals. The clan disagrees about the reasons for this:

  • In one version of the story, the clan mistook an emissary of the Great Spirit (so it claimed) for that of Misiginebig, the evil serpent god. When they killed the creature, it removed their immortality as punishment.
  • In another version, the creature was a cannibal who demanded human flesh for its service, and the Bekaak destroyed it to protect their herds. The creature had planned this all along, however, and infected the clan with its malignance in its death throes.
  • In yet another version, the creature wanted nothing but shelter from the Bekaak, but the greedy clan believed they could steal its power, and murdered it. As penance, the Prophets bear their curse as a kind of memento mori.

Clan Bane and Other Traits

As harbingers of death and old age, the Bekaak cannot easily lie to mortals, suffering the Righteous Curse. Unless they spend Willpower, their base dice pools to deceive humans with higher Integrity are limited by Humanity.

In addition, Bekaak are cursed due to their ancestors' crimes, physically and mentally aging like mortals. They are still immortal, however, and their appearance is only cosmetic (i.e., they do not become infirm). Bekaak can reverse or accelerate their aging by feeding on humans or other Kindred and then exerting a large amount of will.


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