Bedlam is a state of frenzy and uninhibited fervor that can be incited by the fae.


Changelings with a high Wyrd can channel that energy into a desired emotional response and send it surging through those around him, overwhelming nearby targets with highly concentrated passions and urges. Subjects who fail to resist become consumed by the passion the changeling has released and abandon other activities in favor of following the whims of their incited emotions. Unleashing this cascade of emotional energy requires the expenditure of glamour.

If the fae is successful, the target gets caught up in the emotion radiating from the changeling and is inclined to act on whatever behavior it inspires in her at the time (running from the most obvious source of danger while afraid, lashing out after becoming enraged, seeking pleasure while in the grip of the desire, etc.) The target remains in the grip of this emotion for the rest of the scene, and while not completely irrational, should a question arise, the target will always choose to act on instinct and emotional response rather than the dictates of logic and practicality.

The target is not blind to danger and will not commit plainly suicidal acts, but depending on the situation and the emotion unleashed, his judgment may become somewhat impaired as to the risks of actions that are not as obviously self-destructive. The target does not recognize anything unusual about this emotional outburst or the behavior it causes while it is happening, though once the scene ends, he may question his sudden change of heart, and supernatural creatures might very well suspect an unnatural cause.

However, if the effect is powerful enough, the targets will often find a way to rationalize their behavior as stemming from their own desires, and will not think to investigate the matter further unless given a compelling outside reason to do so. Depending on the outcome of the situation, subjects may also find themselves revisiting it frequently in dreams or nightmares for some time afterward.

This power automatically targets those in closest proximity to the changeling at the time it is used, including fellow motley members or other allies, and this power always attempts to affect the maximum number of targets possible given the character's dice pool and number of individuals present -- the character cannot choose to affect a smaller number of targets, selectively target individuals in the midst of a crowd or even bypass those standing closest to him in order to reach more distant targets.


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