Beckett's Jyhad Diary is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition that details the metaplot and how it could advance past its official end in 2004.

In addition to information about the current state of the metaplot, the book contains hints for the planned Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Summary[edit | edit source]

From the Onyx Path catalog:

It's ever been a loaded word among vampires. Jyhad is in force everywhere from lofty, perfumed Elysium to cloying, smoke-filled blood feasts. Jyhad's the eternal game played by elders, Methuselahs, and worse — it's the agenda of beings so utterly beyond humanity, one such as yourself could scarcely understand its movements.
Luckily for you, you've picked up a copy of my diary. With my help you may just take a step on the first rung of understanding. Information worth having is information you must earn through blood, and oh, how I've bled for what's contained within these pages.
Beckett's Jyhad Diary serves as the definitive book of setting and plot for Vampire: The Masquerade, containing 30 chapters spanning different geographical regions, encountering vampires of every clan, profiling obscure and profound segments of the mythology, and providing countless story hooks on every page.
Masterfully written by the likes of Neall Raemonn Price, Joshua Alan Doetsch, Myranda Sarro, Steffie de Vaan, Malcolm Sheppard, Alan Alexander, Renee Knipe, and Matthew Dawkins, Beckett's Jyhad Diary is as fascinating to read as to use for your game Chronicles.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Carna's Rebellion[edit | edit source]

Upon receiving an invitation from an old flame, Beckett visits Milwaukee, and finds himself caught in the middle of an urban warzone wracked with betrayal and personal crusades.

A Split City[edit | edit source]

Beckett follows the trail of the Book of the Grave-War to Chicago, passing down the terrifying Goblin Roads and becoming ensnared in the millennia-old Jyhad between two infamous Methuselahs.

Shadows Coalesce[edit | edit source]

One Theophilus Bell summons Beckett to the American Rome, where the two make an exchange of services involving Vykos' library and the death – or life – of one dangerous Lasombra.

The War Across Dixie[edit | edit source]

Beckett finds himself torn between prophecy and politics in the heart of the American South, playing witness to the Camarilla's planned counter-attack against the destructive Sabbat.

London Calling[edit | edit source]

Beckett travels home to discover the truth surrounding rumors of one Montgomery Coven, his ambitions over the British capital, and his unusual array of powers.

Schism[edit | edit source]

A long-independent Clan entreaties the Camarilla for potential membership, and Beckett records every word of their fateful union. The Sect tables may be turning, but at a terrible cost.

The Anarch Freefall[edit | edit source]

Carna's trail heads west, leading Beckett to the Anarch Free States and the brewing conflict between rebels of a hundred agendas. He attempts to make sense of the passions in play, while fists and violent words fly.

The Blood Matures[edit | edit source]

In Santa Monica, Beckett encounters the so-called "thin-bloods" and via Dr. Douglas Netchurch attempts to understand the phenomena afflicting these weakened vampires.

The Spark of Civil War[edit | edit source]

Beckett's travels take him to the vibrant Mexico City - seat of the Sabbat – where the Sabbat Regent Melinda Galbraith awaits with a once-in-a-lifetime invitation and Lucita receives one hell of an offer.

Hands of Darkness[edit | edit source]

Following a brutal attack on a Sabbat gathering, Lucita enlists Beckett in discovering the culprit, who appears to be one of the Black Hand – the militant arm of the Sabbat. A name is whispered among the survivors – Dastur Anosh, the first Seraph of the Hand. But what the Gangrel discovers goes deeper, into the Antediluvian roots of the Lost Tribe and the mystic spiritualism underpinning the very philosophy of the Sword of Caine.

The Dead Walk[edit | edit source]

Talk of bloodlines lures Beckett to Haiti - domain of the Samedi - where alongside Talley the Hound he seeks out the elusive Baron, and answers to the bloodline's importance in the Jyhad.

Planting the Eye[edit | edit source]

Hesha Ruhadze's ambitions overreach his grasp, as he comes into the possession of a truly dangerous Kindred artifact and living piece of a mysterious Methuselah. Beckett seeks to understand the artifact and save the Setite, before a terrible event comes to pass.

The Freedom of Libertatia[edit | edit source]

Beckett and the ever-enthusiastic Smiling Jack chronicle the existence of a floating Anarch utopia, kept secret by its inhabitants as it works to revolutionize the Anarch Movement.

Transvaal Nights[edit | edit source]

Beckett not only meets with representatives from several Laibon lines, but also receives the mixed blessing of a drugged cocktail, opening his mind to the existence of more than just 13 lines.

The Price of Hospitality[edit | edit source]

Beckett's travels take him to Transylvania and Dracula's seat. The Jyhad Breaker shows our archaeologist the true power of the Tzimisce, and introduces Beckett to his many Brides.

The Death(s) of Baba Yaga[edit | edit source]

Beckett's journey east takes him to Russia in search of Baba Yaga tales, and answers to the mystery surrounding the Shadow Curtain in place for so long. Obfuscation abounds, as the Nosferatu's very existence comes into question.

The Fall of the House[edit | edit source]

Beckett returns to Mexico City and alongside Okulos explores an underground temple once claimed by the members of House Goratrix. The devastating revelations he uncovers bring him to the attention of the vicious Karl Schrekt, and a vampire of a Clan long thought destroyed.

Carthago Delenda Est[edit | edit source]

Ecaterina, Christof, and Beckett travel to Tunis upon hearing tell of the fallen Brujah Antediluvian's resting place beneath a dam in the capital. Infernal cultists and agents of the True Black Hand greet the three with violence as they near the founder's location.

The Eye Opens[edit | edit source]

His possession of Hesha's artifact grows increasingly dangerous, leading Beckett to make an offering to its former owner in India. The Ravnos divide as our Gangrel's actions force a split in the Clan of Deceivers.

Giovanni Chronicles V[edit | edit source]

Beckett seeks to discover the truth behind Clan Giovanni's diablerist origins, unknowingly unleashing the vengeful spectre of an immensely powerful Cainite. His journey takes him from the Swiss Alps to Claudius Giovanni's manse in Transylvania.

The Way of Three Eyes[edit | edit source]

Just after his discovery of the remnants of House Goratrix, Beckett follows up on a lead to the heart of Transylvania, tracking down the last few elders of the Salubri bloodline. But the intrepid archaeologist finds more than he bargained for in the shadow of Hunedoara Castle and the collection of Inconnu it hosts.

Azhi Dahaka[edit | edit source]

Something dwells beneath New York City, and despite the obvious dangers, Beckett decides to poke his nose in. He receives a "gift" by way of return.

The Madness of Jerusalem[edit | edit source]

Kindred chaos in Jerusalem draws the attention of the Ashirra, Camarilla, and True Black Hand, drawing Beckett out to investigate rumors of a buried Antediluvian.

False Caine[edit | edit source]

Berlin bears many mysteries, including the apparent location of the Book of the Grave-War, the whereabouts of "Caine", and Beckett's own childe. Sadly for Beckett, it also contains vampires after his blood.

Dreams and Nightmares[edit | edit source]

Beckett and Vykos finally come head-to-head. The resurgence of the Constantinople Triumvirate and the ambitions of the "Archangel" Michael threaten all with an uncertain future.

Death Has Many Faces[edit | edit source]

Beckett seeks out the remainder of the subjugated Cappadocian Clan in Egypt. Via the vampire Angelique, he discovers the secrets of their survival, and a broader, healthier Clan than he realized existed, its members working towards the long death of their enemies, and maybe even civilization itself.

A Brief History of Beckett[edit | edit source]

Amidst the chaos of the Jyhad, Beckett resolves to solve the one mystery he is avoided facing: that of his own siring, and the circumstances. After all, if so many others are pawns of their antecedents, how else can he rule on his own objectivity?

The Drowning of Rasputin[edit | edit source]

Certain vampires generate their own myths and legends, and for a time the "Kindred" Rasputin was a suspected root of easily a hundred plots across Europe. And then one night he promptly disappeared along with his cult and any evidence of his existence. Beckett and Vykos seek the truth behind the legend, discovering his trail leads to South America and the Drowned Legacies spoken of by Baron Samedi.

The Omega[edit | edit source]

Beckett's abilities are truly put to the test, as he and Okulos stumble into a party of legendary Outcasts, powerful ghouls, and forbidden bloodlines; a coterie of Alastors leads him to the schemes of Kemintiri's Red List Cabal; the True Black Hand attempt to silence both he and Serenna the White over their activities in Jerusalem; notable Children of the Revolution make their plans known; the Anarchs make a major play for new territory in new domains; Lucita introduces our archaeologist to the dreaded Castel d'Ombro; and finally, Beckett encounters a vampire claiming with authority to know every player of the Jyhad, and how to stop each of their plans.

Jyhad Breaker[edit | edit source]


On Metaplot[edit | edit source]

Background Information[edit | edit source]

  • The book was funded and expanded by Kickstarter.
  • Despite claiming that the events of this volume officially conclude in 2005, several events detailed within, such as the appearance of the Justicars appointed in 2011, make this a chronological impossibility. Author Matthew Dawkins stated that they had to apply some flexibility, and that the events detailed are not strictly linear chronologically.[1]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Beckett's Jyhad Diary features an enormous number of characters, both directly and mentioned in passing. Some of the characters are listed below, grouped by chapter.

Carna's Rebellion
A Split City
Shadows Coalesce
The War Across Dixie
London Calling
The Anarch Freefall
The Blood Matures
The Spark of Civil War
Hands of Darkness
The Dead Walk
Planting the Eye
The Freedom of Libertatia
Transvaal Nights


The Price of Hospitality
The Death(s) of Baba Yaga


The Fall of the House
Carthago Delenda Est

Terminology[edit | edit source]

Book of the Grave-War, Drowned Legacy, Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers

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