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Beast is a term used by vampires to describe the inner predator that strives for control over a cainite's mind.


The Beast: 1. The primal drives of a vampire that threaten to turn him into an uncontrollably ravenous and/or zombie-like being. 2. The drives and urges which prompt a vampire to become entirely a monster, forsaking all humanity.[1][2]

The Beast is an innate demonic predator that awakens within each and every vampire upon their Embrace. It stands in direct opposition to a vampire’s Humanity (and in some cases the Paths of Enlightenment) and is responsible for many of the debased urges Cainites feel on a nightly basis. In times of extreme distress the Beast can overwhelm a vampire forcing them into a state of pure animalistic fight or flight, which is referred to as Frenzy or Rötschreck. If a vampire forsakes their humanity or Path of Enlightenment too deeply, they will be fully taken over by the Beast, undergo the Wassail, their final frenzy, and turn into a Wight for the rest of time.